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 0lson has been a leading manufacturer of Scroll Saw blades for more than 80 years, offering a full line of superior quality blades for most scrolling applications. Olson blades are for use with scroll/jig saw machines sold by Delta, DeWalt, Dremel,Skil, Rockwell, Pro-Tech, Powermatic, RB Industries, Hegner, Sakura, Shopsmith, Excalibur, Rexon, Ryobi, Sears Craftsman,and Makita.(virtually all domestic and imported scroll saws). (They can also be used in hand held fret and jewelers saw frames.)

                                Olson Scroll Saw Blades ((Buy Intro Packs, By the Dozen and Half Gross (6 Dozen))  

Spiral Scroll
Saw Blades

 Spiral Tooth blades saw in all directions with 360º cutting capability. Excellent for 0º radius scroll/fret work – you never have to turn the work piece. For cutting wood, plastic, wax, non-ferrous metals, plaster, bone, horn, etc. For use in power scroll saws and hand-held fret and jewelers saw frames. Cutting speed and finish depend on material thickness and number of teeth per inch.

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PGT Scroll
Saw Blades
(Precision Ground Tooth)

 5in. long, plain end Precision Ground Tooth – PGT Scroll Saw Blades are Tested and endorsed by experts, PGT blades outperform and outlast most other blades. Their razor sharp teeth cut faster, smoother, and more accurately in both straight and radius cuts. A unique tooth geometry and widely spaced gullets minimize burning and provide rapid chip removal. They are made of the finest carbon steel for maximum strength, durability and longest blade life.

Mach Speed
Scroll Saw Blades

 5in. long, plain end with reverse teeth that cut on the upstroke and minimize underside tearout.
--   Precision milled blades with wide spaced, ultra sharp teeth for fast, accurate cuts in hard and soft woods. Widely spaced gullets minimize burning and provide rapid chip removal.
--  Position blade with reverse teeth in bottom blade holder. 2 - 5 teeth should appear above the table surface to score the work piece on the upstroke. Adjust feed pressure to prevent burning.

Reverse Tooth
Scroll Saw Blades

 5in. long, plain end with reverse teeth.
Reverse Tooth blades have the same performance as our olson skip tooth blades with the added benefit of reverse teeth for a smooth, splinter free finish on top and bottom surfaces. Excellent blade for eliminating tear-out on birch and maple plywood.
Crown Tooth
Scroll Saw Blades

 Unique tooth design allows the blade to cut on both the up and down stroke. Cuts a little slower for more control, useful in delicate fretwork. Finish is smooth with clean, sharp, splinter-free edges in hard/soft wood, plywood, plastic and Corian. Two-way cutting action prevents melting behind the cut in most plastic including acrylic, lexan (polycarbonate), fiberglass, and plexiglas. Has no top or bottom for easy blade installation. Blade can be turned over for a fresh new set of teeth.

"Thick Wood" Hook Tooth
Scroll Saw Blades

Blades with extra wide gullets for rapid cutting of solid hard/soft wood and multi-layers from 3/4in. up to 2in. thick without burning!
--  Hardened and tempered teeth for extra blade life. Straight cuts or tight turns.
--  Leaves a medium smooth finish. Continuous teeth
(end to end) provide additional blade strength during tensioning process (eliminates distortion) to assure accurate cuts and minimum blade breakage. Every tooth set.

Olson Pinned End Scroll Saw Blades
If your scroll saw requires 5" Pin End Scroll Saw Blades, (the 5" is measured between the pins) these are the most popular scroll saw blades. Perfect for Sears Craftsman, Penn State,Delta, Ryobi, and all 15" and 16" imported scroll saws. 5" pin end blades offer a choice of tooth styles that includes Regular, Hook, Skip and Skip Reverse. Teeth Per Inch vary from the most coarse- 7TPI, to the finest- 25TPI.


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