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Welcome to the Time and Money Saving Flying Dutchman Intro Pack Page
All these blades are 5 inches long and Pinless.

Variety Intro Pack! 
A Variety Pack with  7 Dozen of our  Most popular Blades!
Get One Dozen of each of the following Blades.
- FD - SR #3 & #5  - Scroll Reverse

- FD - UR #3 & #5  - Ultra Reverse
- FD -TWC #5         - Two Way Cut
- FD - PSR #5         - Penguin Silver Reverse
- FD - Polar #5
       - Polar
All these blades are 5 inches long and Pinless. 
VIP-INTRO $23.95

New Favorites Intro Pack!
A Variety Pack of Six Dozen of our Top Selling Blades This Year! 

You will Get One Dozen of each of the following Blades.
- FD - SR #3 & #5- Scroll Reverse
- FD - UR #3 & #5 - Ultra Reverse

- FD - Polar #3

- FD - Superior Puzzle Blades

FIP-Intro ONLY $23

 NEW Ultra Reverse Intro Pack A top-grade, high-speed fretsaw blade with every third tooth reversed for cleaner sawing.
The Ultra Blades have two teeth down and one up. However it has a complete different tooth design, and cuts  straighter than most other blades. Splinter free finish with little or no sanding. Ideal for fret sawers and when doing fine cutting.
Six Dozen Blades!
Get One Dozen of each Size ... #1, #3, #7, #9 + Two Dozen #5's

UR-INTRO $22.00

Reverse Tooth Super-Intro   $23
NEW  Seven Dozen Super Scroll Reverse Intro Pack which includes 2/0 blades!!
Seven Dozen Blades 1 dozen of seven different sizes 2/0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12's


Reverse Tooth Intro Pack Most Scroll Saw blades only cut on the down stroke, which causes tear out on the backside of your project, but Reverse-Tooth blades like Flying Dutchman cut on the upstroke as well. . .giving each stroke a pass on both the front and backside of your material -- for a smoother cut all around.Top-grade high-speed fretsaw, hardened, with reverse teeth. Splinter-free finish on top and bottom surfaces.
Six Dozen Blades! 1 dozen of six different sizes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12's!

B-INTRO $19.50

Superior Puzzle Blades Intro Pack Top Quality Blades for Intricate Puzzle cutting.
These blades are great for puzzles with tiny pieces.
The Flying Dutchman Superior Puzzzle Blade and the FD-Polar No. 3 Blades make a great combination for Puzzle Cutting
Six Dozen Blades! 3 Doz Superior Puzzle Blades and 3 Doz FD-Polar No.5

PZL-INTRO $18.95

SPIRAL Intro Pack These blades have teeth all around the blade. A cylindrical shredder that can cut in any direction.
Top Quality blade for all around cutting.
Five Dozen Blades ! Get One Dozen of each Size .. #2/0, #1, #3, #5, #7's

SP-INTRO $14.95

NEW  Spiral Intro Pack This is a Newly Designed SPIRAL Blade that is very easy to control and very long lasting.
Change the way you feel about using Spiral Blades!
You get Four Dozen Blades !
Get One Dozen of each Size ... #2/0, #1, #3, #5.


SPIRAL Reverse Intro Pack Top quality spiral blades for all around cutting with reverse teeth on the bottom for a close to sand free finish.These are the only Spiral blades that have Reverse Teeth.These blades will give you a much smoother cut with less fuzz and sanding.You will also have better control scrolling than any other spiral blades.
Four Dozen Blades! Get One Dozen of each Size .. #2/0, #1, #3, #5's.

SPR-INTRO  $11.95

Polar Intro Pack Extra hard, long lasting, straight skip-tooth blades for  wood, horn, plexiglass and various plastics.
Polar Blades work great on 3-D projects and very good to cut Corian.
The teeth are off-set just a little which makes the # 5 the favorite for cutting plastic and corian. 
Six Dozen Blades ! Get One Dozen of each Size ... #2/0,1, #3, #5, #7, #9.

 P-INTRO $18.95

Two - Way Cut Intro Pack Top quality saw blades for wood with alternating teeth 2 down and 1 up.
Every third tooth reversed, Great for cutting Baltic Birch!

Six Dozen Blades! Get One Dozen of each Size ... #2/0,1, #3, #5, #7, #9

TWC-INTRO $17.85

Spiral Flat End Intro Pack A Top Quality spiral blade with flat ends for all around cutting.
Six Dozen Blades ! Get Two Dozen of each Size ... #1, #3, #5

 SFE-INTRO $17.85

Penguin Silver Reverse Intro Pack Top-grade wood-cutting fretsaw with double teeth and hardened steel. 
The FD-PSR blades double teeth allow it to be a little less aggressive than the

Six Dozen Blades ! Get One Dozen of each Size ..#2/0, #1, #3, #5, #7, #9.

PSR-INTRO $17.85 

Penguin Silver Intro Pack Top-grade wood-cutting fretsaw with double teeth, hardened steel.
No reverse teeth. 

Six Dozen Blades! Get One Dozen of each Size ...#2/0, #1, #3, #5, #7, #9.

 PS-INTRO    $17.65
XL Intro Pack Top Grade steel Skip - Tooth Blades, No reverse teeth
Six Dozen Blades ! Get One Dozen of each Size ... #2/0, #1, #3, #5, #7, #9.

XL-Intro   $17.70

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