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Intarsia Scroll Saw Patterns 
Some fun and unique Intarsia Scroll Saw Patterns.




Simple and functional, our humming bird intarsia dresses up a room or hall with a touch of spring! Over 7” diameter

Calla Lily 
Try your hand at the amazing art of intarsia with our Calla Lily project, and you’ll see how easy and rewarding this form of woodworking is! 9” diameter.

Rainbow Trout
This beautiful rainbow trout is eye catching!
16”W x 13”H

DP6-12    $5.49 

DP7-30   $5.49

DP604   $5.49 





Largemouth Bass
A spectacular free-form intarsia that grabs the attention of any fisherman! 15”W x 17”H.

Brown Trout
So realistic looking! The art of intarsia brings woodworking to life! 17”W x 16”H

Northern Cardinal
Quick and easy, you’ll be completing our wildlife 3-D silhouette in no time at all. Nearly 9” high.

DP603   $5.49 

DP605  $5.49   

DP5-2  $5.49 




Elk Call 
Capture the realistic appeal of the great outdoors with this scenic wildlife intarsia. 24”W x 16”H

Buck On the Run 
What a scenic masterpiece! On The Run intarsia truly captures the spirit of the great outdoors!
28”W x 21”H

Indian Chief
Beautiful depiction of Native American art.
20”W x 17”H

DP614   $5.49 

DP607   $5.49

DP611 $5.49 




Eyes on the Father
A beautiful reminder of where we need to focus! 17”W x 28”H

Moose 3D Pattern
A spectacular project combining a moose and soaring eagle. 9” high.

Southwest Silhouette
A picturesque 3-D project to create in no time at all, easy to follow instructions and clear assembly diagram! 15” high.

DP610   $5.49 

DP3-38   $5.49 

DP6-6   $5.49







Hunting Dog
Our Hunting Dog project lends itself magnificently to the art of free-form intarsia! 23”W x 19”H

3-D Fishing Plaque
What a nice  gift  for a favorite man in your life. Use a variety of woods for accents. 14” long.


DP606   $5.49 

DP11-7   $5.49