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Indoor Furniture and Decor Woodworking Project Plans
Here are some nice indoor projects you can build to customize your home.These are "trace-cut-assembly patterns" patterns with complete instructions and lots of photos. Full size patterns are included for all curved or Irregularly shaped work pieces. 



Cedar Chest

Beautifull and sturdy. Calls for cedar, but pine and oak also work well. 20 in. tall by 48 in. long by 20 in. deep.
LP-572    $9

Folds up or down in one smooth motion. Fits full-size mattress. 86 in. long by 36 in. deep by 33 in. tall (as a sofa).
LP-850     $9  

Vegatable Storage Bin
Wire mesh allows air to circulate. Two pull-out bins and a shelf. Pine with porcelain knobs. 40 in. tall by 19 in. wide by 12 in. deep.
LP-797     $9

Grandfather Clock

Oak and oak plywood, but other lumber may be substituted. 6 ft. tall. 

 LP-935    $9

Day Bed
Sofa by day, two twin beds by night. Lower trundle bed rolls on casters. 88 in. long by 44 in. deep by 34 in. tall.
LP-810    $9        


Blanket Chest

Oak and oak plywood
48 in. long by 19 in. deep by 36 in. tall.

LP-789   $9

Gun Cabinet

Birch cabinet holds seven guns. Both upper and lower compartments lock. 32 in. wide by 18" deep by 76" tall.
LP-875   $9

Television Stand
Designed for big-screen TVs  Features open area for video components over two big drawers. 46 in. wide by 24" tall by 24" deep.
LP-940   $9

Three piece BedroomSet
Dresser, chest of drawers and night stand. The dresser is 60 in. long by 16 in. deep by 32 in. tall. 

LP-768   $9 

Crafstman Bookcase
Features tempered glass doors and three shelves. 60 in. tall by 36 in. wide by 12 in. deep.

LP-863   $9






Hope Chest
Big main compartment and generously-sized drawer. 36 in. long by 21 in. deep by 24 in. tall.

LP-885   $9 

Corner Cabinet
Display space above with large cabinet below. Maple. 72" tall by 27" across the front by 23. 5" deep on the two sides.

LP-888   $9

Jewelry  and  Lingerie  Chest
Mahogany, with porcelain knobs and felt-lined drawers. Mostly straight cuts. 39 in. tall by 19 in. wide by 15 in. deep.

 LP-830   $9

Lingerie Chest
Seven-drawer design. Maple. Straight cuts. 27 in. wide by 17 in. deep by 59 in. tall. 

LP-874   $9

Television Cabinet

AccommodateS a TV that measures up to 33" wide by 33" tall. Pocket doors. Overall, 60" tall by 42" wide by 22" deep.
LP-918   $9






Curio Cabinet

Height-adjustable tempered-glass shelves. Elegant glass doors. Interior lighting. 72 in. tall by 35 in. wide by 15 in. deep. LP-709   $9

Entertainment Armoire
Pine armoire holds 27-inch TV, DVD, stereo equipment and more. 70 in. tall by 39 in. wide by 23 in. deep.
LP-847   $9

Quilt Rack
Easy Weekend  project
Traceable parts. 31 in. tall by 31 in. long by 18 in. deep.

LP-799   $9

Breakfast Nook
Features storage under seats. Benches are 34 in. tall by 41 in. long by 23 in. deep. Table is 42 in. square by 31 in. tall.
LP-925   $9

Hall Tree
hooks for coats and jackets and storage under hinged bench seat. 70 in. tall by 45 in. wide by 21 in. deep.
LP-934   $9