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Clocks and Mini Clocks Scroll Saw Patterns 
Spruce up your home and amaze your family and friends with These Amazing Clocks. From Simple to Advanced! 





Lacy Swiss Clock Pattern
Delicate fretwork lends charm to this Bavarian style wall clock.Tabs and slots, and a 2 3/4” clock insert offer quick and easy assembly. Over 10” high 

Americas Pride Clock Pattern
Fretwork Clock inspired by 18th century Victorian elegance. 28”H x 16”W.
Requires a 3 1/2” clock insert

Birmingham Clock Pattern
Beautiful Clock to add character to any room. 37”H x 16”W 

Wildlife Desk Clock
scenic Wildlife Clock. Add a pen and pencil set, along with a 1 3/8” clock insert to complete. Over 7” wide.

DP6-19 $5.50 

DP551 $6.50  

DP568 $7 

DP5-22 $5  









Scroller Shop Clock
Scrollers - here’s a fabulous pendulum clock designed just for you! 15” high.


Football Pendulum Clock
Here’s a great project for the sports fan! Perfect for a
boy’s bedroom, office, den or family room! 12” high.

Duck Desk Clock
2 3/4” clock insert.Nearly 7” wide.

Praying Hands Clock
Create a simple clock that expresses life’s hope and blessings. A great project for gifts, and special occasions. 7” high.

DP11-26  $5.49 

DP13-25   $5    

DP5-38  $5   

DP7-4    $5 






Horses Mini Clocks
Horses back 2 back and Horse behind a fence. Use 1 3/8” clock inserts.


Sports Mini Clocks
Football Player and A Basketball Player Awesome piece for a sports fan.
Use 1 3/8” clock inserts.

Lighthouse Mini ClocksMini Lighthouse Clock and a Scenic Lighthouse Clock.
Use 1 3/8” clock inserts

Mini Fish Clocks 
Two Fish in one Clock and a scenic clock. Use 1 3/8” clocks inserts.


DP662   $5 

DP667   $5 

DP669   $5

DP664   $5 






Humming Bird Clocks
Make Two Awesome Clocks for
the Hummingbird Fan
. Use 1 3/8”
clock inserts.

Eagle Mini Clocks
Two Great Eagle Clocks!  Use 1 3/8” clock inserts. 2 designs per set 

Bear Mini Clocks
Use 1 3/8” clock inserts
2 designs per set

Victorian Wall Clock 
Reminiscent of Bavarian clock designs, this adorable Victorian Wall Clock is sure to be a big hit! 10” high 

DP661  $5 

DP660   $5 

DP659   $5 

DP12-9   $5.50








Table Clock 
This simple table clock is a perfect project
for beginners. And its size allows it to be used in a variety of settings. 10” wide.

Desk Clocks
Our desk clock is quick and easy to make. The four different overlay choices fit any decor and allow you to make gifts for every relative or friend. 4” high  

Cowboy/Rodeo Clock
Bring a smile to the face of one of your country
western friends with our clock insert pattern or bring a country touch to your den. 9” wide.

Historic Car Clock
The practical and decorative qualities of this desk clock are what makes this project unique. Use at the office or at home. Over 5”L

DP7-1   $5 

DP2-2   $5 

DP2-10   $5 

DP1-19   $5 









Corner Clock Shelf
This clock project is sure to be a big hit even at craft shows! Fits snugly in a corner, and tells the time, as well as displays some of your cherished collectibles. 16” high.

3D Wildlife Silhouette
 A winning combination of clock and the outdoors! Our wildlife 3D clock is a great gift, or make one for yourself.
9” tall. 

Mantle Clock
Fancy fretwork frames this
style mantle clock.
16” high.

Church Clock Shelf
Handy, little church clock will keep
you organized! The opened, interior is a great place to keep your keys, a small note pad, etc. Nearly 9” tall.

DP6-2   $5.50 

DP1-29   $5.50    

DP7-8   $5.50 

DP9-4   $5









Bell Tower Clock
Towering spires and elegant fretwork combine to
make this an eye-catching focal point. 23”H x 19”W.
A 3 1/2” clock insert is required.


Victorian Table Clock
Beautify your home or work area with our stately Victorian Clock. 9 1/2” tall.
Requires a 2 3/4” clock insert to complete.

Bunny Clock
How adorable! Our playful Bunny Clock
would be a great addition to any child’s room! A 1 3/8” clock or photo frame insert adds funtionality. 7” wide.


Golf Clocks
Please the golfers in your life with this coordinating “His & Hers” golf clock set. Requires a 1 3/8” clock or photo frame insert to complete. Almost 5” tall.


DP573   $7 

DP9-8   $5 

DP4-13   $5 

DP13-14   $5 








Executive Desk Clock 
This stately clock fits well with any decor and makes a perfect for a gift or extra income at craft shows. Over 17” wide.

Victorian Queen 
Fretwork Clock inspired by 18th century Victorian elegance. 17”H x 21”W.
a 3 1/2” clock insert.

Victorian Lynn 
Feel a sense of accomplishment when you create one of these treasured keepskakes. 34”H x 13”W.


DP119B   $5 

DP571   $7 

DP572   $6 










Deer Silhouette Clock
18" Tall features a Buck adorning the top of the mount with a shadow box-like 3D scenery, also featuring a deer within natures's scenery. 

Southwestern Mini Clocks 
Get both projects pictured, Weeping Native on horseback is about 6" and Bronco about 9" wide!

Tea Maidens Mini Clock 
The clock is 7" wide and uses 1-3/8" clock instert

Boats Mini Clocks
You get both projects pictured, they are about 9"s wide , and they use 1-3/8" clock insert 

DP514  $5.59 

DP663  $5 

DP5-4   $5 

DP665   $5