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Our Most Popular Woodworking Project Plans on One Page for you!
Remember these are  "trace-cut-assembly" patterns with complete instructions and lots of photos.
Full size patterns are included for all curved or Irregularly shaped work pieces.










Only need a sheet of plywood, wooden pegs, paint and a solar-powered outdoor light. 5 feet tall and is 22" in diameter at  base.
Water Wheel
Wheel is constructed from a series of traceable arcs.3' in diameter and the entire project stands about four feet tall.
9' Farm Windmill 
12 smooth-spinning blades and a vane.Pivots on turret.  Blades and vane traced from full-size patterns. 6. 5 ft. tall by 20 in. wide..
Grandfather Clock
Oak and oak plywood, but other lumber may be substituted. 6 ft. tall.  
LP-860 $9 
LP-891  $9 
LP-695  $9 
LP-935  $9 




Kids Playhouse
Full-size patterns for angles and modular construction techniques. 6 ft. square (including porch) by 6 ft. tall
LP-881  $9

Adirondack Twin Seater
Great looking chair with a very usefull table built in.
54 in. long by 38 in. tall by 39 in. deep.
Combines all-American style with classic design!
Heritage Cradle
Simple and inexpensive to build, the project calls for pine lumber (other woods will work) plus dowels, glue and finish. room for a 13- by 28-inch bassinet pad. The project is built from just 14 pieces, and all of the curved cuts  are traced from full-size patterns. To build, trace the pieces onto wood, cut everything out and sand. Assemble using glue and dowels, apply finish of choice and add the pad.
LP-941   $9.95  LP-938   $9.95   LP-66   $9  

completed cradle measures 33 inches long by 27 inches wide by 27 inches tall.




Wind power turns the blades, which drive an old carpenter sawing a log. Traceable pieces. 6. 5 ft. tall by 20 in. wide.

LP-694   $9 
Duck and roadrunner make fun family projects. Traceable patterns and painting keys. Each one is about 24 in. long
LP-730   $9 
Rocking Horse
All parts traced and cut from one piece of 1-by-12 pine.26 in. tall by 32 in. long by 12 in. wide.

LP-56     $9 




Rocker Cradle
Bond with the new member of your family.51 in. long by 18 in. wide
,Traceable patterns,a shopping list,cutting schedule.
LP-644  $9
Toy Chest Seat
Only six pieces cut from a single sheet of plywood.
32 in. long by 20 in. deep.
LP-248    $9 
Large Wishing Well
bricks cut from standard 2-by-4 lumber. Four feet in diameter and almost seven feet tall.
exterior plywood for the roof
LP-371   $9



Vegatable Storage Bin
Wire mesh allows air to circulate. Two pull-out bins and a shelf. Pine with porcelain knobs. 40 in. tall by 19 in. wide by 12 in. deep.




Octagon Picnic Table 
Seats 8 or more on combination of two-seat benches and single-seat stools.55" across by 30" tall.




Folds up or down in one smooth motion. Fits full-size mattress. 86 in. long by 36 in. deep by 33 in. tall (as a sofa).

LP-797     $9   LP-840    $9  LP-850     $9