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Our Most Popular Woodworking Project Plans on One Page for you!
Remember these are  "trace-cut-assembly" patterns with complete instructions and lots of photos.
Full size patterns are included for all curved or Irregularly shaped work pieces.










Only need a sheet of plywood, wooden pegs, paint and a solar-powered outdoor light. 5 feet tall and is 22" in diameter at  base.
Water Wheel
Wheel is constructed from a series of traceable arcs.3' in diameter and the entire project stands about four feet tall.
9' Farm Windmill 
12 smooth-spinning blades and a vane.Pivots on turret.  Blades and vane traced from full-size patterns. 6. 5 ft. tall by 20 in. wide..
Grandfather Clock
Oak and oak plywood, but other lumber may be substituted. 6 ft. tall.  
LP-860 $9 
LP-891  $9 
LP-695  $9 
LP-935  $9 




Kids Playhouse
Full-size patterns for angles and modular construction techniques. 6 ft. square (including porch) by 6 ft. tall
LP-881  $9

Adirondack Twin Seater
Great looking chair with a very usefull table built in.
54 in. long by 38 in. tall by 39 in. deep.
Combines all-American style with classic design!
Heritage Cradle
Simple and inexpensive to build, the project calls for pine lumber (other woods will work) plus dowels, glue and finish. room for a 13- by 28-inch bassinet pad. The project is built from just 14 pieces, and all of the curved cuts  are traced from full-size patterns. To build, trace the pieces onto wood, cut everything out and sand. Assemble using glue and dowels, apply finish of choice and add the pad.
LP-941   $9.95  LP-938   $9.95   LP-66   $9  

completed cradle measures 33 inches long by 27 inches wide by 27 inches tall.




Wind power turns the blades, which drive an old carpenter sawing a log. Traceable pieces. 6. 5 ft. tall by 20 in. wide.

LP-694   $9 
Duck and roadrunner make fun family projects. Traceable patterns and painting keys. Each one is about 24 in. long
LP-730   $9 
Rocking Horse
All parts traced and cut from one piece of 1-by-12 pine.26 in. tall by 32 in. long by 12 in. wide.





Rocker Cradle
Bond with the new member of your family.51 in. long by 18 in. wide
,Traceable patterns,a shopping list,cutting schedule.
LP-644  $9
Toy Chest Seat
Only six pieces cut from a single sheet of plywood.
32 in. long by 20 in. deep.
LP-248    $9 
Large Wishing Well
bricks cut from standard 2-by-4 lumber. Four feet in diameter and almost seven feet tall.
exterior plywood for the roof
LP-371   $9



Vegatable Storage Bin
Wire mesh allows air to circulate. Two pull-out bins and a shelf. Pine with porcelain knobs. 40 in. tall by 19 in. wide by 12 in. deep.




Octagon Picnic Table 
Seats 8 or more on combination of two-seat benches and single-seat stools.55" across by 30" tall.




Folds up or down in one smooth motion. Fits full-size mattress. 86 in. long by 36 in. deep by 33 in. tall (as a sofa).

LP-797     $9   LP-840    $9  LP-850     $9