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Graphite Pattern Transfer Paper

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Jumbo Graphite Transfer Paper

Quickly Transfer ANY Pattern to ANY Surface - Erasable, Paint-able and Reusable!

Transfer large Patterns easily!    No smudging dark black lines.

32sq ft. Jumbo Graphite Transfer Paper  2'x16'

Graphite Pattern Transfer Paper 
LP-6M   $9

It's enough to cover a sheet of plywood!!!
Any project which has full size patterns requires you to transfer those patterns onto wood at some point during the project.  Using this graphite transfer paper will not only save your patterns for future use, but it will make your project easier.  Transfer paper is similar to carbon paper.  Read more below.
How it works:
1.  Lay a piece of transfer paper on the wood and secure it with masking tape.
2.  Lay a pattern on top of the transfer paper and secure it.
3.  Finally, trace the pattern with a dull pencil -- the lines are transferred.

Transfer paper will transfer fully eraseable black lines right onto wood, plywood. . .even paper, cardboard, glass and other materials.  You are instantly ready to cut and the transfer paper can be used over and over again -- just like carbon paper, it's possible to get hundreds of uses out of one sheet.  Give it a try sometime.

Graphite Transfer Paper is always handy to have around the shop, studio, classroom, office, or home. It works like the carbon paper we are all familiar with, but the lines can be erased easily, plus, you can paint over them.  Terrific for

Woodworking  -  Scroll Saw  -  Carving  - Fretwork   -School Banners  -  Sign Making  -  Murals  -  Stenciling  -Sewing  -  Airbrush  Painting  -  Stain Glass

...almost any art or craft project you can think of.

Quickly transfers lines onto

Wood  -  Cardboard  -  Paper  -  Canvas  -  Plastic  -Fabric  -  Metal  -  Glass  -  Leather  ... and More!

 LP-6MX   $15

Special Price when you buy Two!

You will get two pieces of graphite transfer paper for a combined 64 sq ft!

ONLY $15 


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Graphite Pattern Transfer Paper

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