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We have chosen Some Blades, Easy Patterns and Great Books to get you started on your Fun and Exciting New Hobby.
You can dive right in with these simple cut out patterns or take your time with The Easy to Follow books.
Don't know where to Start? We have taken the guess work out with the NEW Beginner Combo!


NEW The Beginner Combo (6 Dozen Blades & 2 Patterns)
This Collection of Blades and Patterns is Designed to give you a comfortable start to the wonderful world of Scrolling!
 #1 - You will receive The B-Intro Pack containing Six Dozen ReverseTooth Blades. 
(1 dozen of six different sizes! )This way you can try different blade sizes until you find what's comfortable for you.
#2  You will Get The following 2 Scroll Saw Patterns
1 Set of  Patterns Filled with Easy Cut Outs and A set of 3 Fun Shelf Projects.
 These Cut Outs can be cut out of nearly any material, and with a little imagination can transform a simple-looking project into a customized keepsake!    A few ideas to get started are magnets, ornaments, napkin rings, or tole painting projects.



FD-SR Scroll Reverse Blades
are Manufactured in Germany with
high-quality steel, these blades are cut to precise tolerances and it shows in the performance of the product.

For added strength, the Reverse-Tooth blade design guarantees you less sanding time.  


DBP16B Simp-2  

DBP17 Moon Cow Star Shelves 

B-INTRO- PACK  1 dozen of each size
1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12's! 

Beginner-Combo (6 Dozen Blades & 2 Patterns)        Only $19.95    ($27 Dollar Value)

A Collection of Easy Patterns to Help our Beginners to get Started! 

These First Four Patterns with simple shapes are designed to be cut on either a band saw or scroll saw.
They can be
cut out of nearly any material, and with a little imagination can transform a simple-looking project into a customized keepsake! A few ideas to get started are magnets, ornaments, napkin rings, or tole painting projects.





DBP16A Simp - 1      $5

DBP16B Simp-2      $5

DBP16C Simp-3      $5  






DBP16D Simp - 4      $5   

DBP17 Moon - Cow - Star      $5 

DBP8  Letter Holder      $5 

More fun Cut outs for you to get creative with! 

Brighten up your favorite toddlers room with our adorable shelf set. The size is just right for  your treasured collectibles.
Star 9” high,
Cow, 13” long, Moon 16” high.


Our large, elegant bandsaw letter holder is sure to attract attention and become a treasured heirloom - no matter whose wall it will grace! 21” long.








DP11-2 Farm Collection Puzzles      $5 

DP11-10 Cute Candle Holders      $5 

DP4-9 A Simple Shelf      $5 

Create a pudgy pig, fluffy lamb, perky chicken and country girl - simple puzzles that will be a fun toy for any tot. Approximattely 7” wide.


Sturdy, yet cute Candle Holders would make a great project to construct with a youngster. Pony, Heart, and Dove are up to 6” wide.


Our three tiered shelf is a handy addition for any area with limited space, yet adds a decorative touch. Over 10” high








DP8-28 Heart Shelf Shelf     $5

DP149B  Heart Rocker      $5 

DP167  Christmas Ornaments    $5 

Use our unique design to create a beautiful, decorative shelf for displaying your favorite miniatures. 8 1/2” wide.

Create a clever rocker to display teddy bears and dolls. Simple tabs and slots make assembly a breeze by just sliding the pieces together. Over 11” tall.


Create your own Christmas keepsakes with these beautiful ornaments. 10 festive designs for all skill levels and all decors.



Here are some books filled with Valuable Information and Patterns!! 



BK50 - $10    (Book Only)

FNE - $18   (Book Only)

WB - $19.95    

Save even more with these New Combo Deals which Include the Book Stated and the B-Intro Pack!
(Six Dozen Blades 1 dozen of six different sizes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12's!)   More details on the B-Intro below and to the right.

BK50 Book and B-Intro Blades Combo $25                                      Save $1.50 

FNE Book and B-Intro Blades Combo $32                                    Save $2.50  

WB Book and B-Intro Blades Combo $39.95  Save $2.00  

50 Easy Weekend Scroll Saw Projects 
50 great-looking but straightforward scroll saw projects, with ready-to-use patterns, are included in this collection. Fretwork jewelry boxes, unusual clocks, and many reproductions of antique pieces provide exciting challenges for beginning woodworkers.

You'll be surprised at what you can make on your scroll saw this weekend!
By John A.Nelson. 


Fun & Easy Scroll Saw Projects
Renowned woodworking artisan Patrick Spielman presents a collection of 235 scroll saw patterns for more than 100 projects. Many are ideal for beginners and can be completed in an hour or less. Most do not require expert sawing skills or fancy equipment.

As you create both decorative and functional designs, you'll work with wood and other materials, as well as use some interesting finishes. The handsome motifs range from angels to animals to monograms: try them on projects like holiday ornaments, shelves, clocks, candle-sticks, boxes, and more Scroll Sawing has never been more fun or easy

Scroll Saw Workbook 2nd Edition  
Learn to Use Your Scroll Saw in
25 Skill-Building Chapters, By John A Nelson

Nelson has taught hundreds of students how to quickly and safely use the scroll saw to make practical and beautiful projects. Now it's your turn!

Inside this book, you'll find everything you need to know, boiled down to the best and simplest methods.

In each of the 25 chapters, you'll learn a specific skill, practice it and then use that skill to make an attractive project. As you progress, each chapter builds upon the previous skills you've learned. By the time you've completed the book, you'll be ready to tackle any scroll saw project with experience and confidence.


Beginner Tips & Tricks

Blade Selection 

How Blades Are Made

Scroll Saw Questions 

Scroll Sawing History

1 dozen of each sizes
1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12's! 
This way you can try different blade sizes until you find what's comfortable for you.
B-Intro   $16.50

"Alot of our long time 
customers still love this
Top Quality Intro Pack!"

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