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Pégas Super Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blades. (LIMITED TIME ONLY $17 For Intro Pack)
  The gaps between the teeth of the Super Skip blades are wider than the normal skip-tooth configuration. This enables the blade to cut very quickly, leaving a smooth finish. The surface sawdust is whisked away and the edge remains clean. Use the new Pegas Super Skip Saw blade when you want to achieve a smooth finish from an aggressive blade.

Pégas  Super Skip Tooth INTRODUCTORY PACK
YOU get Seven DOZEN Blades!
Get One Dozen of each Size ...#2/0, #1, #3,
#5, #7, #9, #12

PSST-Intro    $18.50   (LIMITED TIME ONLY $17)

Pégas Modified Geometry  (Intro Pack On SALE FOR ONLY $16)
 Modified Geometry Teeth (MGT) probably the best blade on the market.
The specific tooth design makes this blade EXTREMELY EFFICIENT; tolerates aggressive feed rates, avoids overheating, leaves a smooth finish, no splinters.

Pégas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades Intro Pack                                  (Blades are 5" and Pinless)
YOU get SIX DOZEN Blades!
Get One Dozen of each Size! 2/0,1,3,5,7,9

PMG - INTRO      (ON SALE FOR ONLY $16)    Regular $17.70

Ultra Reverse Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw Blades
A top-grade, high-speed fretsaw blade with every third tooth reversed for cleaner sawing.
The Ultra Blades have two teeth down and one up. However it has a complete different tooth design, and cuts  straighter than most other blades. Splinter free finish with little or no sanding. Ideal for fret sawers and when doing fine cutting.
All these blades are 5 inches long and Pinless. 

Ultra Reverse INTRODUCTORY PACK  UR-Intro    $22  (Now Only $19.95)
YOU get Six DOZEN Blades! Get One Dozen of each Size ... #1, #3, #7, #9 + Two Dozen #5's

Flying Dutchman Super Pack- Regular $22.95   (Limited Time ONLY $21)          
NEW  Seven Dozen Super Scroll Reverse Intro Pack which includes 2/0 blades!!
Seven Dozen Blades 1 dozen of seven different sizes 2/0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12's!



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